Art DirectionPrint/media/web advertising campaign, brand identity & graphic chart, concept development, event & exhibition design, communication consultancy…

    We design advertising projects from the concept to the realization respecting the budget, production and technical constraints of the industrial graphic chain. Our role is to think about how to visually stage the product or the service that you give us. We choose the nature of the image, the typography, the nature of the material, the hierarchy of the information.



    Graphic Design Print/WebLogo, poster, flyer, business card, magazine, book, web design, banner, e-mailing and newsletter, point of sale (POS), retail and branding, signage & picto, packaging, brochure, folder, beach flag, roll up…

    Any product from the graphic chain related to DTP print, digital and other media. During the graphic design process, we carefully consider the layout, quality arrangement, precision, sending a clear message, visual consistency and aesthetic.



    Illustration & SketchRange of our expertise: layout and rough for advertising and promotional events, movie storyboarding, traditional paper or vectorial illustration, creation of preview and implementation plan for promotional, private and public events…

    A small sketch is better than a long speech. You tell the story, we will sketch and bring it to life. Sketch, layout and storyboard are the best ways to have a concrete idea of the final project without incurring unnecessary costs. This is what StudiO-D is good at: associating digital and authentic hand made.



    PhotographyPhoto shooting in studio & outdoor, photo retouching, photo montage, pack shooting, home-staging, business team shooting, photo-reportage for private and public events…

    Communicating without an image is like driving a car without wheels. We help our clients to realize images that can be used in their communication.


We are a Brussels based creative & multi-disciplinary design studio. Our expertise ranges from the conception to the final achievement of the project and combines Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web design, Illustration, Layout & Story-board, Photography. Our goal is simple: providing high quality work that meets the clients’ expectations within their deadline and budget. We work with both small and international companies and are thus able to offer personalised and effective solutions tailored to the clients needs. We pay particular attention to improving our clients’ communication and brand identity because we are convinced that this is one of the keys to developing any business activity.

StudiO-D also pays particular attention to sketch, rough and story-boarding with the aim of making sure we meet our clients’ objectives and provide a first and concrete idea for small budget projects. As we have a thorough knowledge of the constraints of the printing process, we are also able to advise clients and make sure that once printed the project exactly meets the expected result.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will take the time to sit down and discuss the project with you in order to find the best creative solution, with a first step being low cost and fast, but yet essential: the advertising sketch, layout and rough, one of our added values.